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Major Clients Important Project Wired Wireless Mechanical & Electrical

Major Customers with Subcontractor Qualification Awards

  • Chung Hwa Telecommunication Corp. Ltd.
    (TTIC, Tailyn, Glory, Sun Moon Star, TISEL, Lucent, Comtrend, Hwacom, ...)
  • CHT, Long Distance and Mobile Telecom. Group
  • KG Telecommunication (KGT)
  • Taiwan Power Co.
  • ERICSSON Taiwan Ltd.
  • Civil Aviation Bureau
  • Motorola
  • National Police Administration (NPA)
  • First International Telecom Corp.
  • Ministry of Communication
  • Delta Elec. Corp.
  • Allis Electric Co., Ltd.
  • KGEx.COM (LamdaNet)
  • Eastern Broadband Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Taiwan International Standard Electronics Ltd.
  • Symphox Information Co., Ltd.
  • NCIC
  • Chung Hwa Telecom-International Business Group
  • C2C Infocom Cable (Taiwan) Ltd.
  • Taiwan Victory Technology Corp.
  • Vidar-SMS
  • Fang Sheng Enterprise Co.
  • MICROELECTRONICS Technology Inc.
  • Weather Bureau
  • SpeedWay Telecommunication Co.
  • Taipei County Fire Bureau
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