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Engineering Telecom

Engineering Division

Mechanical and electrical products introduction

  • The PDU (Power Distribution Unit) Manufacture, Testing and Consulting
  • The Design, Installation and Advisory of Power Facility
  • The Design, Installation and Advisory of Arrestor System
  • Supply of High/Low Voltage Electrical Materials
  • Supply of AC/DC Power Facility
  • HV & LV Switchgear, MCC & Control Panel Manufacture, Testing and Supply
  • The Design, Manufacture, Installation and Testing of Power Supply/Distribution Systems , Control and Supervision System, Instrument Measuring System

Site construction

  • Including SMC, RBS/Node B, Fixed Network, IDC, ISP, BB total design and implement.
  • Design and implement including decorate, air conditioning, lightening, fire fighting, monitoring, power... etc facility.
  • Reference site including KGT, EBT/APTG, FET/NCIC... etc.
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