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Light Cord FastMask Mobile Ventilation Unit Flexi Foam Smoke Stopper
Dynameco Helmet Multi Batteries Recorder Virtual reality training


    An innovative 21 century solution offers to personnel who will put on the Breathing Apparatus efficiently, thus maximizing the acts of withdrawal and evacuation during emergencies.

Fast, Simple and reliable !

  • Automatic inflating head harness for simple fast donning of the facemask
  • Automatic inflating head harness for safe and fast – as little as 3 seconds
  • CB40-PP silicone moulded facemask with low resistance exhaltion valve
  • Automatic positive pressure demand valve with only two moving parts for enhanced performance and reliability
  • Automatic opening cylinder valve
  • Spool valve design isolates cylinder pressure from second stage regulator until activated, ensuring zero leak from full cylinder
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