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Mobile Ventilation Unit

    The most dangerous characteristic to the fire rescue crews is to enter a scene of high-temperature burning fire full of smoke. The thick smoke emits poisonous gas which can greatly affect visibility and hinder rescue effectiveness.

    The extreme high temperature of a fire has cumulative danger as it will affect the body temperature of fire fighters on the scene. In order to overcome these mentioned dangers, the MVU provides an effective solution as a fireproofing tool where the front pressure is ventilated. MVU has proven its effectiveness in wrestling triumphantly in residential habitats, factory warehouses, shopping malls and tunnel fire hazards.


Power Blower

    The Positive Pressure Ventilation(PPV) is deployed by Norway, Britain and France to fire rescue operations in tunnels and shopping malls at present. The PPV is effective in getting rid of smokes in the tunnel and also reducing the high temperature caused by a fire hazard, bringing efficiency in disaster relief.

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