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About Mission Organization Certifications Environmental

    LEE-DEX C&C., Ltd, established in 1984, is composed of electrical and electronic technicians who have first-rate qualification and experience in the field of engineering analysis, design and development.

    For the past years, LeadTek has made a great contribution to the future in support of the highly technical fields of computerized automatic systems, telecommunications, transmission networks and control engineering. To fulfill customers’ service and commitment, we here have sales, management, system application, engineering and financial team to support multi technical as well as projects to meet with best service.

    Since 1989, we in charge of telecommunication engineering business in terms of switch, transmission, cabling, power supply, radiation, mobile and RF station. It has earned awards for excellence from its customers due to its technique, quality and efficiency.

    LeadTek ACE Co.,Ltd, established in 1992 in order to offer more complete and total solution to meet customers’ requirement, especially for telco business in terms of network planning, implementing, and maintenance.

    As market driven for the technical innovation, as well as wider application requirement, we form a division in charge of “Security system” focus on fire fighting, centre monitoring system and relate construction.

    "Security System Division" consists of partners with fire fighting and SCADA system background who specialize in import/export trading and central security system. Our main products are (1) Light cord (2) Helmet (3) Virtual reality training for public safety and security (4) FastMask (5) Dynameco (6) Mobile Ventilation Unit (7) Power Blower (8) SCADA system.

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